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The chemicals used in beauty products can be scary, and toxic too! At The Hive we take the "scary" out of getting gorgeous (or handsome) by promising to use products that are plant based, non-toxic, and organic whenever possible. There's no such thing as organic color, but we will continue to evolve our offerings as safer options become available.

Not only do we want to keep you looking fresh, we want to keep the environment looking fabulous too. We recycle all of our hair foils, waste and paper and offer incentives to make sure product packaging gets recycled too! At The Hive we believe that the beauty industry can co-exist with being environmentally friendly which is why we like to think of ourselves as "Green without the Granola".


All haircuts include our indulgent shampoo service featuring a Destress Express steamed facial towel and relaxing scalp massage.

Curly Hair FAQ

About Curls

At The Hive Salon, we cater to waves, curls, and kinks differently than most. We embrace texture rather than try to run from it, and we encourage you to love your hair and do the same. To help you achieve a truly low maintenance texture that you can work with, we offer separate haircutting services catered to your unique texture.

Early in Jen Cortez's career she learned that curly hair looks best when it's cut while it's dry, not wet. Each curl has it's own unique stretch factor, shape, and size that cannot be accounted for when wet- leading to uneven layers, holes, frizz, and triangular shapes. At The Hive, we practice Jen's unique method of curl shaping, done while the hair is 100% dry, based on how the curl lays naturally.

We do not represent any outside company, or brand's cutting methods. Simply put, we are a salon that believes in nurturing textured hair into it's healthiest state possible by using plant derived styling products, gentle styling methods, and dry hair cutting techniques. All stylists offering curly specific haircut appointments have completed an intense curl training course designed by Jen Cortez, and receive ongoing training in the art and science of working on all textures of curly hair. Jen Cortez has been practicing dry haircutting on curly hair since 2005. 

What you can expect during your appointment. 

When you come in for your cut, your stylist will assess your hair based on it's current health, length, and desired shape. Your stylist will educate you on the 'low-to-no shampoo' lifestyle, the benefits of 100% plant based products on your curls, and how to properly hydrate and style your hair. All haircutting will take place while your hair is 100% dry and will not incorporate razors, brushes, combs, texturizing shears, or thinning shears. Each curl will be cut individually to length that not only complements the curl, but also the shape and style desired. If absolutely necessary, your stylist will cleanse and style your hair before the cut, but for most, the styling and finishing happens last*. Before leaving, your stylist will give you tip cards that summarize how to care for your hair, what types of ingredients to avoid in products, and will recommend a care and cut routine suited to your needs. 

*If the hair needs a complete cleansing and re-styling before and after the haircut, an additional charge of $20 will be applied to compensate for the extra time required if it's available. To avoid this, please follow our steps for haircut preparation.

How to best prepare your hair for your cut:

These steps are crucial to getting the best cut possible. To work with your hair, we need to see it in it's natural form. Do not come with slept-on, or second-day hair as it will be significantly flatter and longer, and cannot be effectively cut dry. If you do not follow our preparation steps, we may have to style your hair before we can cut it, and an additional fee of $20 will occur for the extra time needed if it's available.
*Cleanse your hair the morning of your appointment using your preferred routine- if you rarely or never shampoo, rinse and condition your hair as you normally would. No towel turbans post washing- they stretch the hair too much and cause it to dry too much before applying products. Curly hair styles and forms ringlets best when very wet. A gentle squeeze will remove enough water for the next step. In the salon, we leave enough water in the hair for it to almost drip before going on to the next step.

 *Apply the same styling products you rely on regularly, and avoid detangling/styling with anything but your fingers. Scrunch your hair well with your hands to activate your curls. You should hear a squishing sound that signifies that enough water and product is in your hair. When your curls start to clump up, you can stop scrunching. To help expedite air drying, you may take a towel, or an old t-shirt and gently scrunch your hair to pull out the excess water. The goal is to not let your hair dry flat to your head (combing and brushing will cause this), but rather to get the most bounce in before the drying process begins. 

* If you must detangle a knot, apply your products first, and gently detangle using a very wide tooth comb, and re-scrunch your curls well afterward. 

*Dry your hair using the same method you usually rely on- either air drying, or using your diffuser. 

 *If you air-dry, make sure you start early enough so that your hair is 100% dry before arriving at the salon 

Do Not Use: Tuck your hair behind your ears or use clips, ponytails, barrettes, brushes, braids, curling irons, or flat-irons on your hair as this will ruin our ability to asses your hairs natural texture and curl pattern. If you color your hair, wait until after your haircut to get your hair colored- hair color affects your curls texture. If you're getting your hair colored here, we will cut your curls before applying your color. 

These same rules apply when coming in for a color appointment- this way we can tailor your Foils, Balayage, Ombre, or other creative coloring techniques to either blend seamlessly, or ribbon through your curls depending on your preference.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What makes a dry cut so special?

A. With a dry haircut, we can tailor the length of each individual ringlet of wave so that when dry, they all compliment each other, and fall into a shape that compliments you. With a dry haircut, we leave 100% of the physical weight in each curl so that they can become defined, and the volume can be controlled. We visually remove weight by cutting each curl at a length that's appropriate for the look we're trying to achieve. Because the hair has been shaped for it's unique texture, you get a haircut that lasts longer, resists looking frizzy or frazzled, and doesn't look like a triangle. Plus, you get to watch your haircut transform before your eyes instead of keeping your fingers crossed as clumps of wet hair hit the floor!

Q. Do curly cuts cost more than cuts for straight hair?

A. As long as you come with your hair properly prepped, a curly appointment doesn't take much longer than a standard appointment and costs the same. However, let's say for an example you come in with your hair pulled back in a clip or ponytail- we have to completely style your hair before we can cut it, plus we may have to style it again, which adds considerable time to the appointment and then we'll have to charge for the extra time.

Q. Are you a Deva Salon?

A. Nope. All stylists are trained under co-owner Jen Cortez, who is a self taught curl sculptor with over 8 years experience. Jen has no affiliation to Devachan, nor has she received any Deva training.

Q. Who can I book a cut with?

A. Any stylist who comes up as an option for wavy/curly or kinky/coily is fully trained and capable of giving you a great cut for your curls.

Q. Whats the difference between a wavy/curly and a kinky/coily haircut?

A. The wavy/curly option is for those with loose waves to finger width sized curls, and the kinky cooly option is for those whose curls range from drinking straw, to even smaller and tighter kinks. The reason for the different services is that with kinky and coily hair types, their hair needs extra time and care to be properly conditioned, detangled, and styled, so that appointment has additional time to compensate.

Q. Can I get a dry cut if I sometimes wear my hair straight?

Absolutely! Depending on how often you wear your hair straight we will tailor your cut to either lean towards perfection when it's smooth, or perfection when it's in it's natural state.

Q. Do I need a consultation before booking an appointment?

A. Not at all, but if you're more comfortable meeting your stylist beforehand you can book a 15 minute complimentary consultation. All cuts include a consultation before any cutting takes place. 

Q. How do you know so much about curly hair if you have straight hair?

A. The same way a female can be a Urologist and a male can be a Gynecologist. There is a science and fact to curly hair that can be learned by anyone, regardless of their own hair texture. 

Q. Do you have hair products specifically for curly hair?

A. Because the 'one size fits all' mentality doesn't work with the broad spectrum of textures that make up curly hair, we don't carry a "for curls only" product line. We do however carry several 100% plant-based product lines that work for all textures when properly recommended and used. 

Q. What makes your products different?

A. Our products are 100% plant based and contain no plastics, silicone of any kind, petroleum products, sulphates, artificial fragrances, parabens, heavy film-forming agents, artificial colors, phthalates, or propylene glycol. With curly hair, avoiding plastics, petrols, and silicone are especially important because those ingredients interfere with your hair's ability to accept and retain moisture, leading to dry, shapeless, frizz prone hair.

Q. Do I have to get a dry haircut if I have curly hair?

Not at all- some clients prefer the look that a razor, or a wet cut can give. However, we can say that unless the client wants to wear their hair pin straight some of the time, most clients who get a dry haircut never go back to wet cutting.

  • Haircuts

    • Junior Stylist $25-30
    • Stylist $35-45
    • Master Stylist $50+
  • Children under 12 $20-35
  • Blowout $35
  • Additional styling $15+
  • Express Upstyle $45+
  • Upstyle $75+
  • Wedding Upstyle $95+
  • Blowout and Upstyle $125+
  • Alima Mineral Makeup Application $45+


All colorants are free of Ammonia, reducing damage and irritation while increasing shine. All color prices will increase based on stylist chosen and compensation for additional color products or time needed. Complimentary consultations prior to the day of service are always offered.

More about color

Color Info and FAQ

At The Hive, we believe in transparency when it comes to chemical based services.  There is a lot of greenwashing in the beauty industry, leading consumers to feel that there is a magic, "organic", 100% safe alternative to chemical based hair color. Sadly, the FDA does not regulate the beauty industry or what we put on our labels, causing both beauty professionals and consumers to be mislead.

To change your hair color, you need a chemical to open the hair shaft, a chemical to remove the internal pigment, and a chemical to replace the pigment. There are no naturally occurring chemicals that can do what we require a hair color to do, and there is NO such thing as "organic" color, regardless of what the package says. The word Organic refers to food grown without the use of synthetic pesticides, herbicides and fungicides, and of things that occur naturally in our bodies, or in our environment- to put it simply. None of these descriptors apply to hair color used in salons.

Traditional ammonia based hair color is a compound of artificial pigment, ammonia, hydrogen peroxide, and thickeners. When you mix ammonia and hydrogen peroxide it creates a process of oxidation that aggressively swells open the hair's cuticle, bleaches out the internal pigment, and replaces it with a synthetic pigment. The downside is that ammonia is a volatile gas and the reaction produces a noxious fume that causes respiratory distress, allergic reactions, and damage to the hair.

Ammonia free hair color replaces ammonia with MEA- monoethanoliamine. MEA is an odorless liquid, and in hair color applications, it's mixed with oils to help gently soften the hair cuticle to allow color molecules to slip into the hair. The removal of internal pigment is solely powered by peroxide before depositing those same artificial pigments into the hair shaft. MEA is generally a gentler process that has minimal damage to the hair.

*Before coming in for a color, we advise you to not use any hairspray unless it was purchased from The Hive. The plastics used in regular hairspray block hair color from entering into the hair shaft, compromising results.

Henna is an herb that gets mixed with other herbal compounds such as willow bark and indigo to produce variations on its reddish hue. Due to henna often getting contaminated with metallic salts and other compounds it can react horribly with MEA, ammonia, and peroxide which is why stylists caution against it's use. Henna is the only plant derived hair color on the market and cannot perform the tasks that a chemical based hair color can.

Hair Color FAQ's:

Q. Why do you choose ammonia-free color if all color is still a chemical?

A. First and foremost, the general public wants to color their hair, and we enjoy providing the service. That being said, we want to be smart about the chemicals we allow into the salon. Because of the benefits that ammonia-free color can give, such as reduced irritation, zero perfume/odor/fumes, and healthier hair, the choice to utilize an ammonia free system vs an ammonia system was a no-brainer.

Q. What color do you use?

Email us at info@thehivesalon.com and we'll send you the info- because we're always on the hunt for a cleaner, better product, and technologies always changing, we may use one brand today but a new brand 6 months from now.

Q. Do you use Organic Color Systems?

A. No. Organic Color Systems didn't meet our expectations for performance, and has a propylene glycol base (now propanediol) and artificial fragrances- which we avoid

Q. Do you use Simply Organic Haircolor?

A. No, unfortunately it didn't offer the color palette that our clients were looking for.

Q. Can you bleach hair?

A. Yes, we use a potassium persulphate based bleach instead of ammonium persulphate- it's odorless, and can still give the same lifting power as traditional bleach.

Q. Do you use organic color?

A. There is no such thing as 'organic' hair color- only herbal tints that do not lighten hair or offer permanent or vivid color changes, and oxidative hair color. Oxidative hair color is always chemically driven, even when it contains plant extracts. The term organic refers to growing food without the use of herbicides and pesticides.

Q. Does your color contain Ammonia?

A. No, our color has MEA which is an odorless, gentle alkaline instead of ammonia. It provides the same capabilities of ammonia with minimal limitations without imparting the same degree of damage to the hair.

Q. Does your color contain Henna?

A. No.

Q. Do you offer Henna?

A. No- at this time we haven't found an herbal hair color that performs consistently well, and doesn't contain possible contaminants.

Q. Does your color contain heavy metals?

A. No. Heavy metals, like mercury or lead, react severely with oxidative hair color, and are generally found in herbal or henna based tints.

Q. Can I use your color if I'm allergic to PPD/Rescorcinol?

A. Please contact us directly; depending on the brand we're current;y using, we may have an option, but we may not.

Q. I think I'm allergic to hair color, how can I know if I can use yours?

A. We'll set you up for a color consult, and we'll perform a patch test to see if you have a reaction. If you pass the test, we'll book you a color.

Q. Is your color safe to use while pregnant or breastfeeding?A. Only you and your doctor or midwife should make these decisions based on the information presented.

Q. My doctor said it's OK to color my hair while I'm pregnant, but I've read that my hair could react funny. It this true?A. Sort of- the hormonal cocktail in your body causes the hair growing from your scalp to be stronger, shinier, and thicker- in most cases. But for some, pregnancy can have little to no effect on their hair. If your hair has been stubborn to color in the past, it's likely going to be harder to color now; all of the extra vitamins and proteins you're consuming is causing the new growth at the root area to be even more resilient, meaning extra stubborn greys, and a harder to lift cuticle. In rare instances, your hair can get extra brassy at the roots. To avoid issues, either consider foils to blend dark roots, or try Balayage or Ombre styles of hair coloring. The ends of your hair won't be affected by your pregnancy because it grew before you conceived.

  • Base Tint Retouch $50+
  • Base Tint Allover $65+
  • Glossing $65+
  • Crown Foil $50+
  • Partial Foil $65+
  • Full Foil $85+
  • Toning Color $20+
  • Add Tint Retouch Between Foils $40+
  • Tint Allover Between Foils $55+
  • Balayage $125+
  • Bleach and Tone Retouch $100+
  • Virgin Bleach and Tone $125+
  • Corrective color by consultation only
  • Brows 15
  • Brow Tweeze 25
  • Lip 10
  • Cheek 15+
  • Chin 10
  • "Uni" 5

We've always felt that you shouldn’t sacrifice your health to look beautiful, and now we're making it even easier to "green" your beauty routine! Our Certified Gorgeous Organic Blowouts feature USDA Organic hair products from Intelligent Nutrients and our indulgent shampoo service featuring a Destress Express steamed facial towel and relaxing scalp massage. Now, you can treat yourself to head-turning hair without the burden to your wallet, or your good conscience!


Super Naturale

Sleek, smooth, and hydrated with a natural bend or bone-straight ends

Hippy Chic

Loose waves with beachy body and tons of texture, you can almost smell the ocean in your locks.

Glamazonian Goddess

Full of volume and curl, you’ll feel inches taller as you glide out the door.

Ringlet Recharge

Not technically a blowout, but sometimes curls need polish too!

Not only will we hydrate and style your curls to their fullest potential, we’ll also teach you how to replicate the look at home. A curls best friend.

Greenhouse Effect

Is it getting hot in here? Nope, it’s just your head-turning, sexy hair! Full of volume with loose curls.


Our signature, classic blowout with round brushes. Voluminous without being over the top, and always flattering.


The Naturalist

Portion of dry shampoo, biodegradable shower cap, large hairpins to make a bun at night.



The Activist Extending Kit

Travel sized bottle of Certified Organic Perfect Hold Hairspray and Volume Spray, portion of dry shampoo, biodegradable shower cap, large hairpins to make a bun at night.



The Environmentalist Extending Kit

Travel sized bottle of Certified Organic Perfect Hold Hairspray OR Volume Spray, full sized bottle of Hair Fix Dry Shampoo, biodegradable shower cap, large hairpins to make a bun at night.


jen cortez


Sometimes it's hard for me to believe, but I've been a hairdresser since I was 17 years old. My amateur beginnings actually go back to the age of 15, so it's safe to say that this has always been my 'calling'.Throughout my career I've worn many hats, but I always come back to my two biggest inspirations: educating my clients, and educating my peers. As co-owner of The Hive I'm proud to say that I feel that I've finally helped curate a space where I can do both in harmony. When I'm in the salon but not behind the chair, I teach our staff the art of cutting and caring for waves and curls of all textures, and the science and form behind hair color. While I love and truly enjoy all aspects of hairstyling, those are the two facets I'm most passionate about.

Outside of the salon I'm a new mother to an adorable baby boy, a cat lady, and an enthusiastic destroyer of my kitchen. My portfolio can be viewed at www.jencortez.com and our salon Facebook page, and you can see me trash my kitchen and swear a little while doing it at Midwest Vaygun.

becca herron

10 Facts about Becca Bighley

  • 10. Becca loves classic barbering and men's haircutting.
  • 9. Becca is 4 inches taller and 4 years younger than Jen Cortez.
  • 8. Becca teaches precision haircutting at The Hive Salon.
  • 7. Becca took the training wheels off of her bike at the age of three.
  • 6. Becca loves cutting blunt bobs.
  • 5. Becca is a skilled cook, who's specialties involve vegan baking, and gluten free delicacies.
  • 4. Becca is one of our most experienced curly haircutters.
  • 3. Becca is co-owner of The Hive Salon
  • 2. Becca has been creating magic with hair since 2007
  • 1. Becca is made of 36% cat hair.
eric ticknor


My mother always said "do what ever you want with your hair, it will grow back". I've taken that philosophy with me throughout my career as a hairstylist. Whether re-shaping your layers or chopping off all of your hair, change is good and I want to be the one to make that happen for you. What are you waiting for? Your hair is growing right now! I love the challenge of fine and curly textures, razor cuts, and geometric shapes. When it comes to color, I believe that less is more. Simple and subtle can be beautifully complex.

georgia hunter


Georgia joined us from the great city of Bemidji- and like Paul Bunyan's infamous sneeze, her skills will blow the roof off your bunkhouse! In the salon, legend has it that Georgia paints foils that flow through the hair like the mighty Mississippi, and can tame even the thickest forrest of follicles with ease. A jack- or should we say lumberjack- of all trades, Georgia can sculpt the most polished of coifs with precision, yet can also deftly craft the most avant-garde hair masterpiece you could ever dream of. She also fears no updo or long hair challenge that you bring her, leading us to believe she may be a descendant of Paul Bunyan himself, but due to the lack of proper birth records in the north woods in the late 1800's, we can neither confirm or deny this coincidence of legendary skill.

When not creating hair worthy of history books at The Hive, Georgia loves to spend her free time with her pets, traipsing the great outdoors, checking out our local music scene, and keeping abreast of fashion trends.

emily sobiech

Emily Sobiech


To me hairdressing means shape, therefore it’s important the foundations be right. If you look good, we look good.

When I was very young, someone close to me once told me “Follow your heart and your dreams will come true.” These are words I continue to live by. Born and raised in the Minneapolis area, I always had a passion for fashion and style, especially where hair was concerned.

I had a dream to attend Aveda Institute. After completing my studies there, I worked hard to hone my skills learning various cut and color techniques as well as volunteering as a stylist at various charity fashion shows. While I loved the Twin Cities, I knew in my heart that I had a bigger dream….to continue my education in NYC, work at Fashion Week, photo shoots, fashion shows. Yes, I dream big! This dream became a reality, and the experience was invaluable!

Working at Vidal Sassoon Salon in Manhatten, I received training in strict precision cutting from blunt strong bobs, short pixie cuts to long layers and men's barbering - I fine tuned it all. That dream of working at Fashion Week, and other celebrity fashion shows came true!.

After a few years in NYC, I realized my heart was really here in the Twin Cities with my family and friends, and it was time to begin persuing a new dream – a successful career in Minneapolis. I love being back here, and I especially love the creative vibe of the Northeast Minneapolis area. I am living proof that following your heart does make your dreams come true!

eric ticknor


I've always been a quirky child; Growing up in a house of artists I fit in perfectly, so it was a no brainer that I was drawn to the world of hair! To me, hair is an art form and everybody should feel like the most beautiful portrait of themselves possible. I strive to make people feel just as good on the inside as they do on the outside. I love painting on hair and giving you the most unique, custom color to fit your personality and life style. When I'm not beautifying the people of Minneapolis, you can find me with my fur children, at local music shows or curled up with a book! A skilled hair painter, Felicia excels at balayage, and other creative and custom hair coloring techniques.

The Hive started as a little seedling back in 2006 when my sister Becca enrolled in beauty school. I had already been a hairdresser for four years and the idea of owning my own salon had always been in the back of my mind. I believe the first thing I said to Becca when she passed her state boards was “So, when do you want to open a salon with me?” Fast-forward five years later and together we’re opening The Hive.

We had both always been “a little different”, so we decided to do “different” together. We envisioned a salon that smelled fresh and tried to be as environmentally friendly as possible. Our goal is to give great hair cuts, colors, and styles using products with as many natural, plant based ingredients, and as few chemicals as possible without compromising results. We won’t call ourselves a “green” salon because no system is absolutely perfect; you can’t remove every chemical in hair color and expect it to perform, but we found a line that had no Ammonia and safer ingredients. We also found really great hair products that were made without scary things like sulfates and parabens. We are consistently looking into finding better, local, and cleaner systems, and will evolve our offerings as they become available.

We created The Hive with some of the best attributes of our favorite salons and with the open-air vibe of old-school beauty parlors; a cheery interior, a variety of magazines for inspiration, hot coffee and teas, outgoing individuals, and amazing hair care products fill our space. It’s a salon you can feel relaxed in, and we invite you to come check us out, and see what the “buzz” is about.

- Jen and Becca

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